A Revolution in Healthy Personal Hot Pot Dining
Stylish restaurant providing meat & vegetarian hot pot meals & a variety of Chinese small plates. Fully licensed with Bar.
Customers' Testimony
"I'm vegetarian and am particular about not having MSG. I've been here 3 times now and the staff are always very helpful to ensure I'm comfortable that they do not use MSG in their vegetarian hot pot. However, they say that some MSG exists in the broth of the meat hotpots. I've brought friends here and they all love it..." - Wendy
"The broth is pretty good. Meat quality is good as well. Service is very friendly. Decoration is fine but I think they can adjust the lights better such that the light doesn't hurt your eyes at certain angles. The experience is pretty fun. You have the broth in front of you on a bit surface and you just start adding the meat and the vegetables. I really suggest the pork bowl with Chinese BBQ sauce." - Farzad Panahi
"Been here a couple of times now. The soups are amazing. It's good to "create your own" and mix and match with friends. When we went around 9pm, they had a late night special and even offered us a free beer. Quite the tasty meal, this place is now on our 'regular eat-out' list of places to go." - Melissa Lee
Please feel free to look over our menus or come into the restuarant for our daily specials  
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